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Ever notice how much louder the commercials are than the program, particularly late at night?

Have you ever turned up the volume so you could hear what was being said, then moments later had the sound become too loud?

Syfx lets you easily custom-tailor the sound on your television so it is optimal for you.

Watching Movies
Maybe you’ve been watching a DVD and turned up the volume to hear the quiet parts — only to have loud parts wake up the family?

forest gump movie sound levels

Syfx’s compander lets you set maximum and minimum volumes. And Syfx’s smart volume control makes the adjustment simple and transparent — no training or explanation needed.

Channel Surfing

channel surfing volume levels
As you surf from channel to channel, a tremendous variation in the volume levels can occur.

Syfx can eliminate this annoying variation.

Obnoxious Commercials

Ever notice that the commercials are much louder than your normal program?

Syfx can keep those commercials at the same volume as the rest of your program — without distorting the sound!

How Does It Work?
The Syfx input level adjuster and distortion free compander work with the intelligent volume control to preserve the relative variations in volume when channel surfing, changing input sources, or watching a movie with a large variation in volume from quiet to loud — to the sound levels you prefer; not too loud and not too quiet.