Microphone Woman
Nothing captures emotion like a microphone, be it in a camcorder, PA system, or videoconferencing.

But sometimes we can’t be heard, or we hear undesired background sounds. And in a PA system, it is easy to get feedback squeals.

You can use an AGC … but when it gets quiet, the AGC amplifies all the background noise.

With Syfx, the background environmental noise level is used to automatically adjust the microphone cutoff distance — so that it has great range when it is quiet and reduced sensitivity when it is noisy. The background noise is reduced or eliminated while all speech is brought to the same output level, whether you are near or far, soft or loud.


It enables multiple users to share a microphone — like a TV interviewer with several guests, without having to pass the microphone back and forth — yet not hear any distracting background noise.

Syfx quickly and accurately responds correctly to sudden changes in volume, whether the speaker is near or far, loud or quiet, and still performs correctly.

Ideal for Conference Phones
When you have more than 5 or 6 people gathered around a conference phone, while you can easily hear the person closest to the phone with a big voice, the person at the end of the table with a faint voice is almost inaudible. And if there is a fan or air conditioner running in the room, it makes trying to understand what people are saying, much harder.

Syfx solves all of these problems.

Feedback Suppression
While not a substitute for eliminating the cause of feedback, Syfx can automatically detect feedback and act to minimize the annoyance.

Syfx can perform de-essing to reduce any excessive sibilance.