Sound is Too Faint or Too Loud

traditional problem 1 dynamic range
When the source dynamic range is different from the dynamic range that the listener can hear, you have a dynamic range mismatch. If you are in an environment where you can hear a wide range of volumes, and you are listening to the radio or television where the sound has been compressed, the sound is flat and unexciting — it lacks the movie theater experience.

The opposite problem is when the dynamic range of the media is greater than what can be heard in your environment, due to being in a small room or having a hearing loss.

The first problem is that the user can't hear the faintest portions of the signal. This problem becomes worse as the listening level is decreased to avoid disturbing others, such as when listening at night.

traditional dynamic range problem 2
The second problem is that the user compensates by turning up the volume, causing the maximum volume to become much too loud. To hear properly, you either continually turn the volume up and down, or you are unable to hear portions of what is being played. This is a common problem with home theater systems in small rooms, and with people wearing many commonly available hearing aids.