Phone Woman Annoyed
Wireless phones let us stay in touch anywhere we go — and that’s the problem. It’s hard to have a conversation in many places — in the car, at the airport, or on the train.

As the following graphs show, urban environmental noise changes constantly and unpredictably.

Environmental Noise
You try to change the volume, but often you just have to wait until it gets quiet, or leave the volume turned up too loud.

Automatic Volume Adjustment
The Syfx noise detector distinguishes your voice from the background noise, while using a existing cellphone or headset microphone. This minimizes both implementation and manufacturing costs.

Syfx continually measures the level of environmental noise and automatically adjusts the sound as the noise level varies.

As with portable audio players, what the user perceives as the volume control, becomes the means by which the user controls the signal to noise ratio.

The volume control becomes intelligent, allowing you to adjust the output level at times when it is quiet and noisy. Your settings are remembered so that when it becomes noisy again, the phone automatically adjusts the volume the way you prefer.

The result is that calls are easier to hear, enabling longer and more frequent calls when driving or commuting.

Improved Speech Clarity
As an option, Syfx can also add emphasis of soft speech sounds to provide optimum speech clarity and distinctness in noisy environments or for people with hearing loss. It works best with a bandwidth of 5KHz or more, such as provided by advanced wireless standards, IP phones, and most POTS lines.