Portable Audio
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There's nothing like music when you're on the go. You start your portable music player, lock the keyboard, and toss it into your backpack or purse and you're running to the music.

Which is great, until it gets noisy, and you have to dig through your backpack, unlock the keyboard, adjust the volume and toss it back.

And of course, when it gets quiet, you go through the same hassle ... if you notice.

Many teenagers just leave the volume as loud as possible which can damage your hearing.

Syfx has the solution.

Syfx automatically lets you hear music in noisy environments by maintaining a minimum signal to noise ratio - i.e. the quietest portion of a signal is always above the ambient noise level. A wide variety of different sensors can be used to determine the noise level for a given application.

hourly average sound
A noise compensator accurately senses ambient environmental noise level, avoiding false responses due to transient noises such as slamming doors or the "thumps" generated when walking or running, while rapidly responding to longer duration noises in a rapid and stable manner.

It Looks like the Volume Control, but Isn't!
What the user perceives as the volume control, now becomes the means for the user to control the signal to noise ratio.

The volume control becomes intelligent, allowing you to automatically and without any training, adjust the output level both when it is quiet and noisy. Your settings are remembered so that the next time it becomes noisy,your portable audio player automatically adjusts the sound just the way you want.

Protects Your Hearing
Prolonged listening to music at high volume levels damages hearing. Syfx allows you to hear music when it gets noisy, but automatically reduces the volume to a safe long-term listening level when it gets quiet, protecting your hearing.

European legislation and articles in the media demonstrate that this is becoming a subject of increasing concern. Syfx protects your hearing while enabling you to always hear your music.