Noise Detector
When the environment becomes noisy, you can’t hear your music. You would like your portable music player to quickly and automatically adjust as the noise level changes.

The problem is that traditional noise detectors that react quickly, also let small noise fluctuations through, distorting the audio signal.

If you smooth the noise detector response to minimize the distortion, it reacts unacceptably slow — it is faster to manually change the volume level.

In addition, you do not want the noise detector to react too quickly to transient noises, such as slamming doors or the low frequency impulse from each step when walking or running — behavior that is highly annoying. The Syfx noise detector works the way you want by ignoring transient noises and adjusting quickly, without introducing any distortion.

The Syfx noise detector also does not respond to a person’s voice. This allows responding to a coworker or flight attendant’s question, without the music becoming loud and drowning out their voice. It is mandatory in phones, where you do not want your voice to look like noise and increase the phone speaker level. In addition, the Syfx noise detector works with a single microphone, eliminating microphone aging and calibration problems — providing the lowest cost implementation and easy integration into consumer products, such as phones.