When you are listening in your hotel room on a conference call to a room with multiple people in it, you invariable can’t hear what some of the people are saying. It is embarrassing to have to continually say, “could you say that again.” You can hear the person nearest the microphone, but a faint voice at the end of the conference table sounds like scrambled eggs.

And if an air conditioner or fan is running or there is background ambient street noise — you really have problems hearing what is being said.

Existing attempts to solve these problems use multiple microphones and/or various types of AGCs (automatic gain controls). Multiple microphones need to be positioned correctly and add complexity and cost, and don’t fully solve the problem. AGCs don’t respond as quickly as you would like to one person speaking loudly, followed by another speaking softly or being far from the microphone.

And neither multiple microphones or AGCs enable differentiating between speech and background noise.

Syfx Room
Syfx can solve or minimize all of these problems. Syfx’s patented technology enables differentiating between speech and noise, enhancing speech but not the noise. It responds quickly and accurately to people speaking at different volume levels and distances.

Receiving (Speaker)
Conference Today
Now consider a more complex situation of conferencing between multiple locations using equipment from different vendors. In addition to each location having varying amounts of environmental noise, a certain amount of transmission channel noise may have also been introduced.

Conference Syfx
Syfx minimizes both the transmission channel and environmental noise from each location, and adjusts the audio from each location to be at a consistent volume.